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Friday, September 23, 2011

RHD EG from Texas

A few months back I met a bunch of cool people from Texas during Eibach. One of them was Ramon Briones, who I shot a "Featured Elite" video for Skunk2 Raing. I also got a chance to meet a bunch of his friends that came along with him. They were all awesome, down to earth people who seemed to ALL love cars, even the wives! Of the group I ended up staying in touch with a cat named Mike D., no not the one from the Beastie Boys...SMH.  He and his wife Amanda were just taking in the scenery. Amanda had some of the most amazing eyes I'd seen (second to my little latina mammas eyes OF COURSE), and Mike was simply a "cool ass mufucka" (I think he had some gnarly colored eyes too, no homo) and they both liked to laugh. During our time around "the shop" Mike told me about this RHD Civic Hatch he had while another one of there homies, Efran, tried to buy my RT4wd Wagon off me, I honestly almost sold it. I told Mike I REALLY wanted to see the car and he kept his promise. After I read the mod list and saw the pics, I just had to share it with everybody else. 

See you in TX Mike!

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  1. Congrats Mikey! I've known you for a long time and seen all the cars u have owned. This hatch is my favorite from the bunch. I'm happy for you and 2012 is the year of Mikey :)