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Friday, May 31, 2013

"Cream."- Skunk2 Street Team Elite Feature

There are some people that emit drive and passion, enthusiasts that you can tell are going to stick with it until they reach a goal. One of those people is Enrique Rosario, who has patiently planned and executed an awesome build and possibly received more recognition than he ever expected. He's been a Skunk2 Street Team member for over 3 years, paying his dues, but AutoLife TV has known him for much longer than that. Some of you might actually recognize him from one of our AutoFashion VIP Meet videos from years ago...he's come a long way, HUH!?

We shot this one down in Oceanside, California. The weather was perfect and the location was interesting. We even ran into a few character lurking around with a million questions about the car and what we were doing.
Anyway, we're happy to have had the opportunity to follow him along on his journey, and we look forward to what he does next, trust us, he isn't done yet!

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