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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ohhhh boy...we got more merchandise!!!

We think we might have official gone off the deep end. T-shirts are back in stock, and we've also added a new product to our store... AutoLife TV license plate frames! We're going to be honest, when Randy of ESA Designs opened the box Brandon kinda got emotional, then when he realized how many were in the box he suddenly looked like he was going to puke. 250 of these things are sitting on top of the "Forever Project" EF! Show your support by making your way over to the store and picking up some AutoLIfe TV goodies! And when you're purchasing keep in mind making all these videos cost money, travel, equipment, time shooting and editing, crew...we'd like to be racing or hanging out by a finished car at events, but we are busy making everybody else look good, so do us a solid!

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