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Friday, May 3, 2013

KraftWerks B-Race Kit: We've had ours for over a year and LOVE IT!

So, the haters are on the scene and they are throwing shade and sip'n "haterade". It has been tough keeping things a secret for the past year and a half...but we were actually lucky enough to get first crack at the KraftWerks B-Series "Race Kit". Our forever project had been sitting in the garage collecting dust after the hood flew up and smashed the windshield when we were approached with the chance to participate in some testing for KraftWerks. The kit had undergone some early stages of development prior to us dropping off our car. Lucky for us we would get a shot at the prototype version, just before it went into production... The mighty B16a was able to double its horsepower and put a smile on EVERYONES face that got a chance to ride in it. (Off the record) We even got a few good kills in it, ask Tony Shagday, he was there! Anyway, KraftWerks has officially released the kit, so we can now share some of the pics we've been holding onto for a while... Gotta say, the kit is BADASS, and that is coming from a "turbo guy".

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