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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Never seen so much dirt in my life.

Well, I'm back. Surprisingly with more support than I expected. It seems you all don't mind my chatter too much, so I'll "keep the party going". So you say the car in a previous post. Here are some more detailed shots of the car.

You can see on the outside it's not that bad of a car with the exception of that rear quarter panel, which I already have an awesome solution, more on that later! You can clearly see the pounds of dirt on the car.  The engine on the other hand is definitely going to come out. The previous owner had heard some noise coming from the head so he took it apart and never got back to putting it back together. He then moved to Japan to teach English and the car just sat for years in the High Desert. This car will be my daily once it's up and running  as well as my toy car to enjoy at the track, that being said, I was hoping to find a dual cam KA. I was previously learning how to drive in a dual cam KA and that was more than enough power to slide the car. I'd like to continue learning with an "underpowered" power plant to master my skills which will then make driving in other "high powered" vehicles easier whenever the time comes for that. The condition of the car is something that should be noted as it is completely stock which excites me more because anything that is done to this car will be my taste and to my liking. There is enjoyment in the idea of starting from scratch.

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