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Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Day With Muscle. . .

It was a hot Saturday, cruising in the Civic, on my way home when I spotted a group of Hot Rods in a parking lot. I rushed back home to get the camera to shoot a couple of photos. The lot was filled with a slightly older crowd of people just chilling and talking about each other projects. I don't think they expected to see a Civic roll in, but I still managed to turn a few heads.

I have two older brothers, both of them were into the muscle cars. One of them would drove a Black 5.0 Mustang Foxbody, and my other brother had a white Pontiac Trans Am with the bird in the hood. When I was growing up I looked up to my second oldest brother who also had a 67 Chevy Camaro. I remember spending days watching him work on it late into the night. I always loved hearing that thing start! The rumble from the exhaust was intoxicating. I grew up and ended up messing with imports, but till this day I still want a 67 Camaro, which is my favorite chassis, I guess I'd also take a 72 Camaro ^_^.

Moving along... after I shot the Hot Rods I was going head home, however I heard some action at the Auto Club Speedway. So I decided to go check out some of the Drag Races. Hope you guys enjoy some of the coverage, thank you!
When I shot this photo, they asked me if I had a media pass to be taking pics. I told them no so they push me away from the races lol

Picking up all the Rocks along the way

New Gen of the Chevy Camaros

Not your every day El Camino

My second oldest brother had a 71 Camaro, too bad he wasn't able to finish it.

Do you like Beef? I know I do

Was in love with this Camaro

Three dragsters along side each other.

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