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Friday, February 6, 2015

VTEC Club at Streets Of Willow (Round Uno)

Woke up on Sunday morning around 4:30am to head out with my wife and daughter to Willow Springs for the first time. We met with a group from our area (Inland Empire) off the I-15 and 138. There were a few Hondas that looked familiar. We waited for about 20 minutes, nobody else showed up, so we headed out with that group. Most of the road was one lane and the group was driving slow, I hate driving slow. The road opened up and a Blue S2000 followed me as we left the group behind. Later on we ran into the black EH Si Hatchback (below) and I decided to take my first rolling shot with my new 16mm wide lens. I really liked the hatch, simple and clean. Then I took another of the S2000. Finally we arrived at a Chevron station, all sorts of track cars where there. We grabbed a bite to eat and headed towards the track. When we arrived at the track there weren't too many people there yet, but slowly it got packed.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the event. Everyone came prepared with tools and their spare track tires. It was even more fun smelling the tires, brakes, and the rich fuel from a few cars. When behind the lens you can see the focus and how serious the drivers are. I didn't introduce myself to many people just a few familiar faces and met a few new people. I like analyzing the vehicles from the pits to the track how they move which takes better turns. But also I guess it's all the seat time and practice the drivers put into the track and the time they put into what to do next to the vehicle to improve. I really dig that some Hondas had the cut off rear bumpers to create less drag. What surprised me was the number of females enthusiasts tracking there cars! Not sure how many, but I saw a few. Good to see ladies getting behind the wheel and blasting around the track. I enjoyed my day at SOW hopefully to make it to the next event. Hope you guys and girls enjoy the coverage and like the blog. ^_^

Bobby Summers Hatchback

Brandon Camacho S2000 Heading to SOW

Finally the first round started at the track and I started gathering some shots. What I really dig about track events is the smell of rubber and brake pads. Each car has a slightly different sound, which is cool. Besides that it's the atmosphere! Everyone is in a good mood, people say what's up or introduce themselves. Overall all the "VTEC Club" competitors were awesome at the track.
Matt Rojana S2K taking the Last turn

Brandon Camacho lovin his Setup on his S

I like that more Ludes are on the track, this one was gutted out catching up to that Mustang

S2K on CE28's

EJ8 Coupe with the Driver Smiling =)

More Ludes ^_^

Volk Rays wheels were a popular wheel at the Track

Yellow on gold

James Ingram new accessory

Love the setup

James getting ready


You rarely see TSX's at the track, odd because they were used for larger SCCA racing events...

S2000 on Regas

Not sure is she was giving the peace sign to me or someone else lol

Chris' track inspired CRX, now that it is being raced, is it still "inspired"?

I was wondering why this EF was fast as lightning. It's K-swapped. Tom Attack, killing it.

My favorite sedan on love this build

Love the retrofit he did to the lights ^_^

Rolling out for e next session

I think every generation Honda was out here, well mostly the Civics

Pepe's track FG2 but he's on his daily setup right now

The TSX had some nice beefy tires on those polished RG2's

The only NSX on the track

Angel tracking his EM1

Immaculate ITR

The line up of some the S2K's

Matt Rojana S2000

Duane's CRX

Love the sticker, props to the female owner!
Big Wang!

A lot of drivers have the cut rear bumpers these days.

Almost took out that cone!

Can you believe theirs a Honda behind this Evo 10?


Jay Batulan Valle Sedan

3 wheelin on the Integra

Yuta Akaishi vs Evo


I didn't get to many shots after this they were all blurry =(

A shot of the FG2
On the way out, spotted this second generation Civic, looks like it needs some minor work.

I wanted to congratulate all the winners at the event. Hope everyone enjoys the coverage, I know it's not the best photography but I enjoy doing it, and I enjoy supporting events like. For you guys & girls that don't know me, im still a shy guy but im a humble and loyal guy. Not here to get famous, just want to support those who support me.  #passionoverfame

-Andrew G. 

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