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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Chronicles Year Six

I wanted to thank Brandon for giving me the opportunity to share my work from "MyHondaDreams". This will be my first time blogging trying to get the hang of this.

I know I am late to post this coverage from The Chronicles, so here goes. This will be my 3rd Year going to StickyDilJoe's "Chronicles Gathering". I have to admit this one was one of the best one's, not sure why… I hope you enjoy the coverage!

Here's Devn Bandollino 8th Gen Civic. This build has come a long way ever since we met, very loyal and humble guy. I love how he's different with the Anime Itasha on the side of the car.
I love EJ6 sedans, sitting on Desmond Regamasters

Chris with his track setup CRX

One of my favorite shots of this gorgeous S2000

Is this enough down force for you.

You don't see a lot of fits this clean. Sitting on WORK CR KAIS

Dark Knight got a make over...

Ken Suen's track ready FA5/FD2

Daniels KRZ

The heart of the CRZ
Aggressive setup on this K-Series swapped EK hatch

Richard Guerrero's stanced Accord

ITR on Hyper Blue TE37's

Brian Hua's DB8 made me look at these 4 door Integra's in a new way. His is equipped with a K Series motor

Choose your weapon

Love the functional builds

Front end shot of this RHD SiR

My favorite chassis... RHD with SiR conversion

Turbo DC5

Spoon Sports inspired RHD S2000

Very clean Prelude

You don't see Ludes like this

Shaved single cam bay from "Citystars"

Kerwin's RHD EG6 with a supercharged H22

Karina's EF8

Loving this DA

So many S2000's at "Year Six"

DownStar Frank

Wondering if this LED bar brightens up the road?


My favorite EF at "Year Six"

Mugen goodies anyone

K Series ITR

Shaved bay on this Integra

ITB's Anyone?

Gorgeous ITR with Mugen bumper

Love the color match TE37

Orange EM1

Track Ready!

Cypress Green looks fresh on this coupe

Fits are starting to grow on me.

Metallic paint job on this hatch is AMAZING!

Polished Mugen MF10's

Spoon Inspired EG

Dana's boosted Shuttle, don't see that everyday

Kraftwerks supercharged EJ2

This Honda one had me scratching my head, not sure if it was a ILX or TL some type of Acura with this conversion. I really dug it.

Aaron Bounpheng Kraftwerks Supercharged ILX is a unique build with authentic parts from SSR wheels to the J's Racing wing.

Alan Parceros stanced FA5 with FD2 rear conersion

I love this BUDDYCLUB wide body DC5, this thing is mean in person!

Well that sums up the coverage from "Year Six". I really enjoyed all the builds and the variety of chassis. The Chronicles never disappoints. Hope you all enjoyed the coverage.

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