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Saturday, July 31, 2010

1st place Documentary 2010

A few weeks ago I was notified that I won 1st place Documentary (Social) for the regional STAR awards (SCAN NATOA Inc.):

I can't say much about the award without thanking KOCT and my good friend Veronica Andrews, who was the original producer of the program until her circumstances changed (hope she's having a good time in New Zealand). She requested me to take the project on and "put my touch" on it... KOCT's Dia De Los Muertos program came together as a true meeting of the minds, from the excellent pre and post production to the well executed graphics by my boy Miguel. I know I came home with the award but it was a true group effort. I'd also like to thank Tom and Jake of KOCT for always supporting me and always pushing me. I also can't forget my boy Tristan Sagun, Elena Gomez, Matt Weddle, Jeremy Smith and all my pals over at KOCT for entertaining me and inspiring me during the daily grind. After not getting an official nomination for 2010's Emmy's I'll admit I was a bit frustrated, however taking home the STAR has fixed all of that, I'll be after that Emmy in the future, trust me on that one!

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