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Thursday, July 8, 2010

LOVE it or HATE it!

Yesterday I made a comment about looking at a burnt orange EK in "Fast Car" magazine. Today the shots are up on my favorite forum and a blog that I frequent (not speaking about my own). In the thread these pics got posted in, some people had good things to say about Dionne's car and others had more harsh things to say... one of the statements being "that car is everything that's wrong with the Honda scene". I don't think I could drive nor build something this radical, however I do believe this is a persons work of art and it should be respected. I've seen camber that was MUCH more aggressive, stickers that made a lot less sense, and kits that I simply can not wrap my head around get more respect... strange how that works. All I know is that I see what he is doing... people also thought it was good enough to be in a magazine... YOU BE THE JUDGE, love it or hate it!

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