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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Always living the AutoLife

For those that have not caught on yet, AutoLife is really a term that describes the lifestyle some of us live everyday. Many of us out there eat, drink, sleep, think, wish, hope, dream, live...(you get it)... cars and this lifestyle. I've been blessed with the chance to work in the car industry which means my hobby, and side projects and LIFE all involve these cars. When I got home today I looked back at my day and realized, "DAMN, this day has been about cars, ALL DAY!" I'm going to go ahead and tell the "interwebz" about my day, whether you like it or not! HAHA!

-Woke up, drove to work (80 miles)
-Sat down, talked about the "scene", "industry" etc... with my boss
-Checked out a few of my normal forums and blogs
-Flicked through the new Fast Car magazine that had a feature of Dionne's burnt orange EK that some LOVE and some HATE... I can actually see where he is going with it and give him props.
-Cracked upon Final Cut Pro and started on my latest project (it's a promo for some DOPE suspension coming out for the lower budget guys)
-Watched a couple videos from some other video makers... hmmm, I'll leave it alone
-Got pissed off when I saw a blog and another site posting an Eibach Video that was not as "tight" as people claimed it was, yet it has a SOLID amount of clicks
-Realized that I needed to put together an Official AutoLife TV edit of the Eibach meet for this year, ASAP!!
-Busted the camera out to shoot Franks (Bolt Boys) car on video. (watch out for it! I'm hoping people feel it)
-Went to Wha-hoos, ate fish tacos and...
-Talked about cars and the "scene", "game", "industry" MORE
-Burned a 60 minute tape with Frank
-Captured the footage when I got back, realized I had not captured the footage from Chief Bonk's NSX on the dyno... captured that also.
-Talked about cars more with my boss, remembering some times over at Dynamic Auto Sports and realized that my boss is a SERIOUS OG in the "game" for the 345098345th time, HAHA!
-Messed with the footage from the last few shoots
-Hunted for the perfect music track for the next few vids
-Hop'd in the CR-V to drive home
-Stopped to look at a red 90 Civic 4dr, pulled out the check book to swoop it, and found out it had a salvage title... I'll have to sleep on it...
-Came home, said what up to the old lady, hoped on c-list, found a Oddy Van (which is what I wanted in the first place)
-Updated the blog for the 359834098 of clicks it gets a day, HAHA!!

Cars, cars, cars, cars... ALL freak'n day, I even left out a bunch of stuff! Including my extended convo with one of my co-workers about making 200+ hp with a b16 instead of boosting it, HAHAHA!!

Should have some new vids out soon folks!

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