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Friday, December 31, 2010

Recap: Big Mike and the worlds most famous Prelude

Big Mike and AutoLife TV have experienced one another grow in many ways. AutoLife TV first shined light on "Big Mike" over a year ago when we interviewed him at the Annual Eibach Meet. At the time his Prelude was that awesome wine color...

In the video "Big Mike" warned us that he would be bringing the car out hard for the following year and he did just that. With a fresh engine bay, color change, nutty interior along with numerous customizations that are now standards for coming builds...don't front like you had already done that tucked radiator set-up, or thought to do the custom bandana interior in your own personal "edition". Big Mike pushed and changed the "game" and that can not be questioned. Well you can, but it probably wouldn't be worth your time.

During my long commute Big Mike and I had one of our typical long conversations, sometime during the convo we realized how many awesome things the car and Big Mike did after the unveiling of the new version of the Prelude...

- Best Honda, 1st Place; WEKFEST

- Best Daily Driver, 3rd Place; RPM Show
- Best Honda, 1st Place; Nisei Showoff
- Best Honda/Acura, 1st Place; Redline Time Attack and Showcase
- Cleanest Engine Bay; Mass Appeal car show & Ken Block Gymkhana Grid event
- Best Honda, 1st Place; Battle Of The Imports 20th Anniversary
- Finest Driven Honda, 1st Place; AutoCon charity car show
- Best Prelude; Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos Car Show and Toy Drive
- Best Of Show; Norm Reeves Honda Cerritos Car Show and Toy drive

Coverage on TONS of blogs a few of those being:

You get the picture...

And finally, one of the greatest honors one could have asked for, was to be a display car at the 2010 SEMA convention.

He has appeared in a ton of my videos, for what reason? I don't really know, and frankly I'm kinda sick of hearing his voice in my videos, on my phone, and seeing his AIM messages pop up on my screen asking me where I want to meet for lunch, HAHA! Kidding, well only some of it. Props friend! No Homo.

I can't wait to see what 2011 brings for Big Mike and his passion for cars!

Oh, as for AutoLife TV and 2010... well there are a bunch of people that are "video makers" and "covering" things with video, lame. We have great relationships with some great people within the industry, we bought a banner, it got dirty, we're getting T-shirts made, hoping to get our store up soon, we're looking into new cameras and we will be aiming our sites on some new projects for the enthusiasts rather than doing what everybody else is. Don't get me wrong, 2010 has been an awesome year, with WekFest being on of the most EPIC trips of the year. Cheers!


  1. mike congrats!! it is true.. u did bring it hard in this 2010... hopefully some new things in 2011.. u always have new ideas.. wanna see em muahahaha

  2. could someone help me and said name of the song in "Big Mike" interview video? pls