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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kraftwerks Sneak Peek!

There is no need to beat around the bush. There are a LOT of people demanding this supercharger kit. Oscar Jackson Sr., the original mastermind behind the innovative Jackson Racing, is proving that he has not lost his touch. I don't really know how any of the 06+ Civic crowd could doubt him, hell, the guy has been racing Hondas since the 70's (NO THAT'S NOT A TYPO, THE FREAK'N 70's), many enthusiasts were not even born yet. The new crop of "enthusiasts" are probably googling "Jackson Racing", lol. Anyway, let's talk about the supercharger.
Kraftwerks and the Jackson's use a Rotrex unit in the kits, they stand by them and HATE when I use the word "turbo". The 06 Civic pictured in the post was the second Kraftwerks powered car I have been in, the first was an S2000. The set up on the 06 Si made over 300 hp, on an otherwise stock car. The test car had a stock exhaust, stock header, and stock motor and internals. Jackson Sr. took me around the block and ripped it a few times, it was NUTS, 1st and 2nd... wheel spin, 3rd barely grabbed and it kept pulling harder and harder until he'd shift. It wanted to just keep building power, INSANE. Basically felt like an all-motor car on steroids. When his foot wasn't mashed to the floor, the car felt like my mom could drive it all around town like a stock, quiet, mellow civic. Props the the Kraftwerks family, the kit will be worth the wait, start saving your pennies folks.

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