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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Mike FINALLY got cover.

Some of you may know about the friendship Big Mike and I have. No, I'm not one of the guys you see crowded around him trying to "be down", no I don't try to hang out with him all the time to create small talk or make sure he remembers I think everything he does in the world is great. Have we kicked it at my crib just watching TV eating and drinking everything my wife (girlfriend at the time) bought at the market, yes. Has Big Mike had my moms grits in the morning after we had a "sleep over", yes. Did I fart in his car when it was that wine color, while it was chillen at the shop in SD, yes. Anyway that's enough personal information for one day... we're just showing a FRIEND some support, go get the issue.
Oh, Big Mike, didn't I tell you not to sit on my car like that? Get your ass down! HARD HEADED! ;) One more thing, I've got the waffle maker figured out, as soon as we have a free weekend it's time for breakfast at my spot.

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