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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something to mash to...

We've said it before, an important part of living an "AutoLife" is the music you ride to. It was hot out today, so it only made sense to hit the streets, wash the whip, and go for an afternoon cruise. "Fish bowling" (no tint on the windows, for the new guys...) with the windows down, this "Shoolboy Q" track was on loop, the chorus should fill in any blanks. You know you did something right when people raise a thumb up and give you the nod when you're in your ride. Today I had a guy ask me if the wagon was good for doing the horizontal mambo in... then, "damn you NEVER see them like this, car is SICK man!" Seemed like the light would never turn green but  it made my day. Anyway, enjoy this track folks!

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