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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WekFest TX, here I come!

Thankfully AutoLife TV has some loyal supporters and a few buddies that still want to get stuff out of us, otherwise this trip would not be happening. It is going to be a really busy weekend, the camera will be rolling the entire weekend. From my understanding I'm going to have to sleep in an odd place the first night, great... and I'll probably be woken up in the middle of the night a few times by fire alarms (even better). The goal is to come back with a car/owner feature and WekFest TX coverage. One thing that I'm dreading is the fact that I have to bring a TON of equipment with me, hopefully nothing comes up missing during the trip. On our last plane ride we landed in LAX missing an iPad...smh...die thieves.
It's going to be fun seeing how Texas gets down on their turf, hopefully I can understand their slang terms and vice versa. I also hope they don't take the my "Cali swag" as rude or insulting, I've heard that I always look mad, "serious black"... anyway like the song says "If you see em' point em out", don't be afraid to wave or say a little something into the camera if you see AutoLife lurking around with the camera.

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  1. Haha hope u enjoy ur stay in Tx!! Atleast ur going to some nice cities :) can't wait to check out AutoLifes coverage of the meet!