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Saturday, September 1, 2012

New video coming! Behind the scenes shots.

Before our newest video drops this coming week, we would like to share some photos from our latest  shoot. This time around we had Playboy Live model Nicky and her friend Lexi to provide the "assist" in making the shoot more than we could have ever expected. Our buddy Joe's car has been dying to be captured on video after it was featured in not one, but two magazines and seen on all sorts of blogs. Joe and I stood around over many beers chatting about what we could do with his car that would be different from all the other guys videos. In true AutoLife TV fashion, I think what was accomplished is going to "change some things" in the world of automotive "filmers" (and I use the term "filmers" with TONS of sarcasm). Don't get us wrong, many videos have incorporated similar elements to our video, the question is the execution. Enough of my ranting, let these images peak your interest and prepare you for what is to come next week. Thanks for the pics Backyard Joe!

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